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Effective as of: September 1, 2018
Loan Rates
New AutoAPR* as low as
0-35 months2.25%*
36-59 months2.75%*
60-75 months3.00%*
76-84 months3.50%*
A new auto loan of $20,000.00 for 60 months @ 2.75% APR may have a monthly payment of $357.22.
Used AutoAPR* as low as
0-35 months2.75%*
36-59 months3.00%*
60-75 months3.25%*
76-84 months3.75%*
A used auto loan of $15,000.00 for 60 months @ 3.25% APR may have a monthly payment of $271.26.
New Snowmobile/RV/Boat/ATV/Motorcycle
0-36 months2.50%*
37-48 Months3.00%*
49-60 Months3.50%*
61-72 Months4.00%*
73-120 Months5.25%*
121-144 Months6.25%*
A new recreational vehicle loan of $12,000.00 for 48 months @ 3.00% APR may have a monthly payment of $265.67.
Used Snowmobile/RV/Boat/ATV/Motorcycle
0-36 Months3.00%*
37-48 Months3.50%*
49-60 Months4.00%*
61-72 Months4.50%*
73-120 Months5.75%*
121-144 Months6.75%*
A used recreational vehicle loan of $8,000.00 for 48 months @ 3.50% APR may have a monthly payment of $178.56.
Consumer Loans
Personal LoansMax Term 72 Month8.75%-18.00%*
A personal loan of $5,000.00 for 36 months @ 8.75% APR may have a monthly payment of $158.09.
Secured LoansMax Term 84 Months3.75% - 18.00%*
Debt ConsolidationMax Term 60 Months11.00%-18.00%*
Home ImprovementMax Term 120 Months5.75%-8.75%*
Share/Certificate Secured2.00% above Share/Certificate Rate
Credit CardAPR* as low as
VISA Credit Card7.9%-17.9% Payment = 3% of balance
(For new accounts, balance transfers, cash advances and purchases)
VISA Credit Card Disclosure
Mortgage Loans
Home Equity LoanVarious terms available3.375%*
Home Equity Line of Credit1-Year Introductory Rate5.250%*
Mortgage LoansVarious rates and terms availablePlease contact us for current rates
Special Financing OptionsAPR* as low as
Touraid Vacation Rates5.9%* 12 Months
6.9%* 24 Months
7.9%* 36 Months
Fuel Loan Special7.9%* 12 Months
Kneucraft Jewelry Rates5%* 6 Months
7%* 12 Months
8%* 24 Months
Gentle Touch Dentistry8.75%* 60 Months
Relationship Pricing
Borrows may be eligible to receive up to 1.00% off the above rates depending on the number of UFirst products/services that are used. Ask a Loan Officer for more details. ***
*Your rate may vary from the above rates and wil be determined by your credit history.
**APR is the Annual Percentage Rate.
***Relationship pricing of up to 1% does not apply to certain specials.
Rates Subject To Change By Board Of Directors.