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VISA Debit Card

Instantly access your money at any time with the UFirst VISA Debit Card, a safe alternative to using cash or checks. 

Benefits of VISA Debit Card:

  • No finance charges or annual fees
  • Fee free ATMs
  • Keep tabs on your debit card with our Card Management Tool 
  • Use it with Apple, Samsung or Google Play

Use your debit card for:

  • In store purchases where VISA is accepted
  • Getting cash at an ATM
  • Online purchases (consider using Verified by VISA fraud protection)

Walk In. Walk Out. Card in Hand.

The days of waiting for your debit card via snail mail are over! Whether you're opening a new account, or in need of a replacement card, we will provide you with a new UFirst debit card, in just minutes.

Benefits of Instant Issue

  • No more waiting weeks for your card to arrive
  • Same secure EMV technology
  • Get an instant replacement if your card is lost or stolen
  • Use it immediately

* Instant Issue only applies to UFirst VISA Debit Cards and is only available at our Plattsburgh Main Branch.

Lost or Stolen Card

The faster you let us know, the faster we can help protect you from fraud.

If your card has been lost or stolen, be sure to report it immediately. We can close the old card and make you a new card instantly in our branch for you to pick up! 

Here's a few things you can do:

During Business Hours

  • Contact our VISA team at 518.324.5700 option 3 or
  • Use our card management tool to turn your card off until you've found your card or can get in touch to have it blocked.

During Non-Business Hours

  • Contact our after hours support line at
  • Use our card management tool to turn your card off until you've found your card or can get in touch to have it blocked.

Note: If your debit card is lost, a $10 replacement fee may be charged.

Fraud Alerts

Our debit and credit cards are monitored by a Fraud Detection Center to help prevent your card from being used maliciously. If unexpected or fraudulent transactions are detected, it's possible that your card may be temporarily blocked until the charges can be verified. Here's what to expect when that happens:

  • The Fraud Detection Center may try to contact you via phone. The number they call from is 800-
  • Listen carefully and follow their instructions. Make note of the case number.
    • If you can verify the transactions are yours, the card will be immediately unblocked and you can continue using it.
    • If you hear a transaction that you do not recognize, select the appropriate option and your card will remain blocked. You will need to contact our VISA team to request a new card. 

To report fraud or file a dispute, contact our VISA team at 518.324.5700 option 3 or 

Travel Alerts

Setting a travel notice lets us know that you may be using your card in places outside of your normal spending area. By providing us with the dates of your trip and your destination, especially if it's outside the U.S., helps to ensure your card won’t be suspected of fraudulent activity. If a travel notice is not placed on your card, transactions may be declined due to fraud protection services.

Here are a few ways you can let us know:

  • Use the 'Manage Card' Feature in your UFirst mobile banking app - Click 'Cards' icon - Manage Travel Plans
  • Click here to submit a secure form to our VISA team
  • Login to your online banking - Click settings at the top - Security Center - Travel Notice (Info is securely sent to our VISA team)
  • Call our VISA team at 518.324.5700 option 3 or 
  • Visit a branch nearest you

Note: Please know that if you submit your travel alert after business hours or on the weekend, it will not be processed until the next business day.

Debit Card Controls

Did you know you can manage your debit card? Our mobile app puts more control, convenience and safety in your hands. 

Feel more empowered.

  • Turn your card "on" and "off" at your discretion
  • Know where every card is stored online
  • Set spending limits based on location, amount, merchant or transaction type
  • Create travel plan notifications for your financial institution

Get Started: 

Via Online Banking 

  • Login to your UFirst account
  • Click Manage Cards tab
  • Verify contact info and follow the prompts to setup

Via UFirst Mobile Banking app

  • Login to your UFirst account
  • Click 'Cards' icon
  • Follow the prompts to setup and set your controls

Activate card

To activate your UFirst VISA Credit Card, call 1-800-543-5073 (or 727-570-4888 if you’re outside the U.S.). Be sure you are calling from the phone number associated with your credit card account. If you have issues activating your card, please contact our VISA team at 518-324-5700 option 3.


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