Everyone has a Story.


The Story of Us

Curious how UFirst FCU got it's start? Take a trip down memory lane with us as we share some of the most memorable moments from our history. 

The Beginning - 1971

Back in 1971, the SUNY Business & Economic Department, the United University Professions and Civil Service Employees, had a vision of providing a place where faculty and staff of SUNY Plattsburgh could save and get loans at fair rates and so, their vision was made a reality with SUNY Plattsburgh Federal Credit Union. Interestingly enough, our first office was located inside a briefcase. That's right, a briefcase (It still exists today at the Main Branch). Our first Manager, Clara LaRose, would conduct financial transactions from a briefcase on her lunch breaks. In 1973, we moved out of the briefcase and into our first official office in the Kehoe building. The credit union continued to serve the faculty and staff of SUNY Plattsburgh before becoming a community chartered credit union in 2002.

The new name - 2006

Once we became a community chartered credit union, it became clear that to better identify ourselves and develop new member relationships within the community, we needed a new name. One that would represent our beginning, but also show that we were first and foremost for our members...for you. And that, is how SUNY Plattsburgh Federal Credit Union became UFirst Federal Credit Union. The "U" proudly displayed in our logo represents University and for putting you, our member, first.

The move - 2007

Growing larger and needing to serve our members in a more accessible location, UFirst FCU built it's first stand-alone branch just up the street from the college. We continue to serve our SUNY Plattsburgh members on campus with a convenient location inside the Angell College Center.

The merger of 2009

Over the years, UFirst FCU has merged with several smaller credit unions; however, it was the merger with Northern Corridor Community FCU that had us doubling in size, literally overnight. With a push of a button and many, many hours of hard work later, UFirst doubled in assets and increased our membership base by just over 2,800 member. The merger has allowed us the opportunity to serve our members in the Northern Tier with our location inside Cornerstone Drug & Gift in Rouses Point.

UFirst welcomes GP - 2017

In 2017, we were proud to welcome the wonderful staff and members of GP Community Credit Union to UFirst. Our merging partnership with GP Community provided us with the Plattsburgh North Branch as another convenient location for our members to visit.

UFirst Today

Today, UFirst FCU continues to grow with each new member who realizes the difference  and a strong presence within our community. Our newly renovated Main Branch expresses our unique difference and the feeling of home. And if you stop by and visit our Plattsburgh Main Branch, the infamous (or legendary) briefcase remains on display for everyone to see.

Why UFirst

You may ask what sets UFirst apart from other financial institutions in the area. As your friend and financial partner, we're committed to helping you live your best life. On the outside, we may look like a typical financial institution, but walk in and you'll feel right at home. As you relax by the fire with a cup of coffee or laugh it up with our staff, you'll see a community of people, like you, working everyday for our families and offering support to friends and neighbors. It's like our logo. At first glance, it's nothing more than just a U, but look closely and you'll see the pathway that represents the endless possibilities that await you. So what are you waiting for? Head on in and experience the difference for yourself. After all, the U in our name isn't just for show...It's for you.

The CU Difference

While we offer the same products and services as Banks, we're actually not the same. The simplest way to define a credit union is we're a financial institution established to serve a group of people joined together by a common bond. Back in 1971, UFirst FCU got its start by serving the faculty and staff of SUNY Plattsburgh. At the time, SUNY Plattsburgh was our membership’s common bond, but as time passed, we grew and now we work to serve the financial needs of the communities in Clinton, Essex and Franklin Counties of New York as well as Essex and Grand Isle Counties of Vermont. 

As a not-for-profit, UFirst Federal Credit Union belongs to its members - not a group of unknown stockholders. Any profits made are given back to our members in the way of better rates, lower fees and more services. Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from within our community. They're your neighbors and they oversee the direction of the credit union to make certain that we continue to grow and develop in a way that best serves you!


UFirst Federal Credit Union welcomes membership to individuals who live, work, worship, or attend school in Clinton, Essex and Franklin Counties of New York and Franklin and Grand Isle Counties of Vermont, as well as businesses and organizations. 


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