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Becoming an adult can seem so exciting, right up until you need to figure out where to finance your first car or pay bills with your first real paycheck. There are so many options out there that knowing where to bank or how to do it can seem overwhelming. Here's a thought. You're getting your start at SUNY Plattsburgh, so why not start your financial future there as well? 


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Hey Parents, We got this! 

We know your college “to do” list is already pretty overwhelming, but before you send your child off to college, be sure to sit them down and help prepare them for financial success. It’s important that they understand the importance of managing their money and how it affects their future. UFirst FCU is as good a place as any to get them started. Here are a few tips:

  • Enroll them in online/mobile banking. They love to be on their phones so help them download our mobile banking app and show them how to keep tabs on their account so they can develop good money habits.
  • Set up balance alerts to help them know when account balances are getting low.
  • Teach your child how to avoid ATM fees by using surcharge free ATMs with the CO-OP Network.
  • Your student can easily pay a friend (for pizza, shared bills, etc.) via email or text using Popmoney securing through their online banking instead of trusting third-party apps.
  • Educate them on the importance of keeping their account information and debit card secure by using services like CardValet.
  • We’ve got their back! We know you’re nervous, but you can breathe a little easier knowing that they have friends at UFirst who are here to offer them a helping hand should they need it!

You probably have questions, so we've got answers! Click the link below to view our frequently asked questions by parents. If there is something we didn't answer, please feel free to reach out to us! We're here for you too! 

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