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Financial Literacy for All Ages

UFirst FCU is dedicated to supporting activities involving financial education, literacy and outreach programs that help the people in our community get financially ahead. That is why we are proud to partner with Banzai and Member Jr. 

Introducing Banzai 

Banzai, an award-winning financial education program used by millions of teachers and students around the country. Banzai exposes users to real-life adult financial dilemmas, from figuring out a budget and paying auto insurance to navigating taxes. It is a "learn by doing" program that teaches healthy spending habits, planning ahead and financial responsibility through online interactive games that are perfect for all ages. The best part? It's all web-based, so you can access it from anywhere, anytime. No software install necessary! 

Banzai for Teachers Banzai

We know it can be difficult to find useful and engaging programs to use in your classroom, especially when budgets don't allow for it. Here's a fresh idea: A program that offers meaningful content while using real-life scenarios that will engage your students and won't cost you or your school a dime. It's BANZAI! 

Banzai for Members

It's not just for the classroom. Now your family can experience real-world financial lessons in a fun, interactive and safe way. And it's completely FREE to use!  

Fun for Any Age: 

BANZAI JUNIOR (ages 8 - 12)

Focuses on income, budgeting, savings, borrowing and making trade-offs: A child sets out to learn about money by starting a lemonade stand, opening his or her first savings account, and saving for a new bike. 

BANZAI TEEN (ages 13 - 18)

Focuses on rent, credit cards, auto loans, insurance and taxes: Follow the life of a recently graduated high school student, holding a job, working late hour, and making do with what life dishes out to them. 

BANZAI PLUS (ages 18 and older)

Focuses on credit score, insurance, taxes, mortgages and identity theft: Tackle adult financial dilemmas, such as maintaining good credit, understanding taxes, and qualifying for a mortgage. 

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Introducing Burghy Jr. 

Pig Out on Saving Money

Burghy Jr. is a free mobile app from UFirst Federal Credit Union, designed to teach children good saving and spending habits while encouraging them to give to others and practice basic math skills. You'll be happy to let them play this game as much as they want!  

  • Games teach financial knowledge and skills Burghy Jr
  • Kids track spending, saving and giving goals
  • App creates positive family conversations about money
  • Burghy Jr. is safe to use and tracks money (virtually that is)


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