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Trends Money Manager

Wish there was an easier way to manage money? Poof! Your wish is our command! Stay on target with your financial goals with Trends, your Personal Money Management tool that allows you to view your entire financial life, all from the secure setting of your UFirst Online Banking. 

A Dashboard Gives You Control

The dashboard view easily organizes your accounts, transactions, spending patterns and budgets. Navigate from the dashboard to any of the great features and functions within the Trends tool to add accounts, manage spending and more. 

All of Your Financial Accounts in One View

Link all your financial information into one central and secure location. You'll see your UFirst accounts, as well as loans, investments, and any other financial information you input from other institutions and providers so you can see the complete picture of where your finances stand. 

Track Your Spending Habits

How much do you spend each week on your favorite coffee drink? Get a full understanding of your spending patterns with our money management tools that allow you to categorize transactions, track spending habits, create a household budget and reduce unwanted spending so you can save for future goals. 

View and Categorize Transactions

Transactions within your accounts can be organized by categories, allowing you to see how much you spend on everyday items such as gas, groceries, utilities, and more. 

Follow Your Money

Your total financial picture will become clearer with all of your accounts visible in a single interface. You'll be able to track your net worth over time, and recognize the trends that affect it. Then, based on all that you see, you can set financial goals to help you plan ahead and save money for your future. 

Enrolling is Easy! 

The Trends tool is free for UFirst members and is easy to use. Simply login to your Online Banking and click the Trends tab at the top of the page. Then you will be on your way to a healthier financial life with support from your friends at UFirst FCU. Explore Trends Money Manager today! 


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