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Effective as of: August 01, 2016
Fee Schedule
Returned Item Fee$25.00per item
Dormant Account Fee$5.00per month after (1) yr.
Check withdrawal to non - member$2.00each
Money Market - 3 free monthly withdrawals$5.00after 3rd withdrawal
Check Cashing Fee$5.00
Check Cashing Fee (SUNY - Non-Member)1% of Check Total
Certified Check Fee$5.00
Early Closure of Christmas Club Fee$20.00
Early Account Closure Fee
Within 90 days$15.00
Accounts closed within 90 days of account opening, may be subject to an early account closure fee.
NSF Transfer from Share 01 Fee$10.00per item
NSF/Overdraft Fee$30.00per item
Stop Payment on Member Draft$20.00per request
Delete Stop Payment$3.00per item
Deposited Item Return Fee$25.00per item
Draft Copy$3.00per item
ACH Stop Payment Fee$20.00per item
ACH NSF Transfer Fee from Share 01$10.00per item
ACH NSF/Overdraft Fee$30.00per item
Debit Card Transfer Fee from Share 01$10.00per item
Debit Card NSF/Overdraft Fee$30.00per item
Debit or Credit Card Replacement Fee$10.00per card
Electronic Bill Pay FREEper month
Electronic Bill Pay - Overnight Fee$14.95per transaction
Electronic Bill Pay - Same Day Pymt$9.95per transaction
Account -to- Account Transfers$2.00per transaction
Popmoney Fees
Next Day (Up to $250.00 -$500.00)$0.85 - $1.00
3 Day (Up to $249.99 - $3,000.00)$.50 - $1.50
Request Money (Up to $249.99 - $3,000.00)$.50 - $1.50
OTHER SERVICE FEES (applicable to all accounts)
Stop Payment - Teller Check - after 90 days$20.00per item
Copy of Teller Check$3.00per item
Check Protest Fee$20.00per item
Statement Copy Fee$5.00per statement
Returned Mail - Address Change Fee$2.00per account
Money Order$1.00per item
Wire Transfer$25.00per item
Wire Transfer International$35.00per item
Western Union: Domestic$30.00per item
Western Union: International under $500.00$35.00per item
Western Union: International over $500.00$25.00per item plus 2% of amount wired
Research/Account Reconciliation$50.00per hour
Execution Notice$50.00per restraint
Reporting abandoned property to NYS$10.00
Gift Card$3.00
Visa Travel Card$5.00
Consumer Loans$25.00Late Fee
Residential Loans (% OF PAYMENT)2%Late Fee
Visa Credit Card$25.00Late Fee
The fees appearing in this Schedule are accurate and effective now but are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions or require current fee information please contact us at 518-324-5700.