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Welcome to Holiday Survival 101!

As much as we all enjoy the Holiday season, it doesn't come without some stress. It seems like my family is always saying "we'll scale back next year" or "we should do joint gifts instead", but it never happens that way. We all have the best of intentions when it comes to the Holidays, but somehow it comes and goes, leaving us with more debt than we had the month before. This is when being a member of UFirst can really come in handy. There are so many different ways to prepare yourself and save for the Holidays. Here's how we can help:

Let us lend you some extra money

During the Holidays, we offer an easy and affordable way to get the extra money you need for gift giving, travel expenses or even a winter get-a-way. Borrow up to $2,000 with rates as low as 5:00% APR and pay it back over a 1-year period. Our Holiday Loan is available from October 1st through December 24th. 

Skip the payment on your loan

If you already have a loan(s) with UFirst and just need to free up some extra cash for the Holidays, you can skip your payment(s). Click Here for the Skip a Payment form - Fill out the necessary info - Then submit to us following the instructions on the form. There is a small processing fee of $25 for each loan payment that is skipped. 

Start saving for next year

One of the coolest savings options that we offer is our Holiday Club! This allows you to save all year long for the Holidays. You can setup direct deposit or transfer to it whenever you would like. There is no monthly fee and no minimum balance required. On the 1st day of October, the funds will automatically be transferred to your checking or savings account, in plenty of time for the Holiday season! 

Be wary of high-interest credit cards

It can be convenient to whip out the plastic from your wallet and pay for all of your Holiday expenses, but be wary of high-interest cards. If you do need to use a credit card for your Holiday spending, make sure it has a low-rate and being rewarded for your purchases never hurts either. Not sure you have a card like that? With rates as low as 7.90% APR, no annual fee and no fee for cash advances, the UFirst VISA Card is a smart alternative to store cards. Plus you earn ScoreCard rewards for every qualifying dollar you spend which can be redeemed for merchandise and travel. Apply Today and save when you need to most!

One-stop shopping right here at UFirst

You probably wouldn't think that your local credit union would be a place that you could find great Holiday gifts, but you would be wrong. Movie Tickets make awesome stocking stuffers! We partner with Regal and Cumberland 12 Cinemas to offer a discounted price especially for our members. Plus, the gift of choice is always a winner! A VISA Gift Card can be used anytime, anywhere that VISA is accepted and they can buy what they want. Takes some of the stress out of shopping for that not-so-easy-to-buy-for relative now doesn't it?! 

Traveling? What you should remember

When traveling over the Holidays (or anytime really), it's important to remember the following:

  • If you are traveling out of state or out of the country with your UFirst Credit and/or Debit Card, be sure to contact us first. Your card will need to be flagged for travel to ensure you don't experience any issues using it outside of your normal spending area. 

  Need to exchange money? We can help with that too. We partner with eZforex to offer currency to 100+ countries. Simply order with us and have it delivered here or directly to your home. It's that easy! 


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